Choosing The Right Style

Choosing a dress is a crucial decision for a bride. Since these types of dresses are not worn everyday, it may be difficult to know what style of wedding dress will suit which body shape. It is important to keep an open mind, and allow plenty of time to make your decision.

We have all the major dress styles including, mermaid, sheath, tea length, ballgown and more. And what if you find the perfect style, but it doesn’t quite hug your curves just right? Have your bridal alterations done in store and allow one of our fabulous alterationists to work their magic.

There are approximately six types of formal dresses:

  • A-Line
  • Ball Gown
  • Column / Sheath
  • Empire
  • Mermaid / Fishtail
  • Princess



A close fit dress with a form-fitting bodice that flares out from the waistline into a full skirt. A bride with a slimmer torso and larger hips would be well accentuated in such a dress. The bodice of an A-Line dress will emphasize the slim figure while the flowing skirt will hide the larger hips.


Ball Gown:

Characterized by a very full skirt beginning at the waistline and a full bodice. It is known as the most traditional of all formal dresses. The large skirt makes this dress suitable for pear-shaped figures and those those with large hips. However, Ball Gown styles tend to flaunt the breast area as well. If this is an issue, an A-Line dress may be the preferred choice.


Column / Sheath:

Known as a Column or Sheath dress due to the narrow width at both top and bottom. Because of its slim nature and constriction to movement, brides who are tall and thin will best suit this style. Those with many curves or large hips are not recommended to a Column dress as all areas are tightly hugged and therefore accentuated.



The waistline of Empire dresses fall just below the bust line. Traditionally these dresses carried full puffed sleeves and a narrow gathered skirt. However, they are often seen with a halter-top bodice now. Because of the fit of the bust line, this dress is recommended for those with small busts. The high waistline is also perfect for those who are pregnant, or to make petite brides look taller.


Mermaid / Fishtail:

Slim from the bust to the knees, then flared into a skirt. This style works best without sleeves. Because of the similarity to the Column dress, this style is also recommended to tall and slim figured brides, as well as for making petite brides look taller.



Most often strapless, this is a modified A-Line dress. Vertical lines run down the sides of the dress to create an effective slimming illusion. Petite brides will look taller in this style. Larger brides will look slimmer.

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